EC-Master Altera Cyclone V SoC

EtherCAT Master Stack for Renesas RZ/A and RZ/G

Weingarten, June 1st 2016

Acontis Technologies GmbH of Weingarten, leading provider of EtherCAT software, today announced the release of its EC-Master EtherCAT Master Stack for the Renesas RZ/A and RZ/G embedded processors.

The acontis EtherCAT Product Family is a complete portfolio of EtherCAT related products which enables customers to quickly create reliable, high-speed and competitive EtherCAT solutions. To expand the existing platform portfolio according to the growing demand for sophisticated deeply embedded EtherCAT solutions, acontis now adapted their EC-Master EtherCAT Master Stack to the Renesas RZ/A and RZ/G embedded processors. The EC-Master software is equipped with high performance Ethernet drivers for the respective hardware platforms which are specifically optimized for EtherCAT operation. Thus a high performance for the RZ/A and RZ/G integrated Ethernet controller now is available as well. As a first available implementation, the platforms were tested with the Armadillo 800 EVA board running Linux and the Y-RZG1-E-SEB-A board running Linux as well as a Non OS environment.

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