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Weingarten, 22.02.2010
In January 2010 acontis technologies GmbH acquired the exclusive rights for further development, sales and marketing of the KUKA Windows real-time product family.
This step was taken to optimize and enhance the existing KUKA real-time products for the growing real-time virtualization and real-time hypervisor markets.
In a first step, acontis will provide the Windows only RTOS-VM real-time technology for Linux as well.
Second, a new real-time hypervisor solution will be available, the AT-RTOSVisor.
Working seamlessly together, all products guarantee optimal scalability over different platforms like Windows, Linux and different processor technologies.

In 1996 the first industrial robot controller using VxWin was introduced by KUKA Robotics. From the very beginning, acontis was the technology provider for KUKA's robot control operating system.
This technology still is used by all of the currently shipped robot controllers and the next generation of the KUKA robot control system will be based on VxWin 4.0 and the latest RTOS-VM technology.
KUKA thus will continue to strongly rely on acontis as technology provider for their new robot control operating system.

Besides KUKA's internal usage, this technology is also available for the outside market (e.g. industrial automation, medical, test&measurement, etc).
Due to the growing demand for real-time virtualization solutions on multi-core CPUs, new requirements for the real-time products are showing up. 
For this reason and to continuously optimize customer benefit and customer support, KUKA decided to transfer all development and sales rights of this technology to acontis.
As acontis in the past was not only developing that technology but was also in charge of support and sales of these products, this guarantees to be the best solution for all current and future customers.
Further development of this technology (e.g. the RTOS-VM for Windows 7 and for Linux or the RTOSVisor product) will be streamlined with KUKA's internal requirement.
Customers will thus benefit from both, the independence of acontis' product development according to market demands as well as the high-quality and long-term availability requirements of KUKA.

About acontis technologies
acontis technologies, a privately held company located in the south of Germany, is a world leader in EtherCAT and Windows/Linux real-time solutions.
acontis technologies provide high-quality and well-proven products and professional services like consulting, support and software services for Industrial Automation and Embedded Technology.

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