Processor Cores

Processor Cores

The processor cores can be shared in different ways:
Within the so called Shared Core mode, Windows and the RTOS are sharing one core, whereas the RTOS gains higher priority than Windows and can be activated by real-time interrupts immediately. Windows only receives computing power when the RTOS voluntarily yields it. This mode already is know from the predecessor versions of the KUKA software and works especially on single core processors – a feature which often is missing by other real time virtualization solutions.

If there are further cores, those can be configured to be used by Windows or by the RTOS. Windows is using several cores in SMP mode (Symmetric Multi Processing), while the RTOS could have one instance per core (AMP, Asymmetric Multi Processing) or one instance of the RTOS could manage several cores in SMP mode.
Within the so called Exclusive Core mode, Windows and the RTOS can be configured to use a defined number of cores. The RTOS again can be run in AMP or SMP mode.

Because in the Exclusive Mode each OS uses its cores exclusively, there are no compromises regarding real-time-ability and performance. Especially Windows always gets the full computing power of its exclusive cores and does not have to share it with the RTOS.

Beside two timers (System und Auxiliary) the VMF offers to the RTOS also a powerful interrupt management. This is needed for enabling, disabling and handling of real-time interrupts (Picture 3.1).

State Machine for Shared- and Exclusive Mode. 

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