First new Implementation: QNX


On the German Embedded World Show 2008 IBV introdu 

One of the first customers of RTOS-VM is the German based “IBV - Echtzeit- und Embedded GmbH & Co. KG” from Königsbrunn. As an authorized QNX-Distributor, IBV has adapted the RTOS QNX to RTOS VM and showcased this also on the Embedded World.

„We have been looking quite a while for a solution to make it possible to run Windows and QNX on one processor to combine the real-time-ability of QNX and the connectivity and graphical features of Windows” says Lutz Vollbracht, CEO of IBV.

“Especially some of our industrial automation and test & measurement customers would like to get rid of the expensive classical approach to have two different systems, one IPC for Windows and additional hardware for QNX.

The versatile and flexible communications mechanisms between the two OSs, the Shared-Core Mode which is needed for single-core or multi-core processors with QNX in SMP mode and the fact that >100.000 robots worldwide are using this technology convinced us to develop our product QWin which is introduced on the Embedded World 2008”.

You want to know more about RTOSWin and available products, please have a look for additional information at our products.

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