SMB (CIFS) Stack - Network File Sharing

NQE Client/Server middleware provides a practical, simple to implement and quick to market solution through integration of the Microsoft SMB/SMB2/SMB3 capabilities into virtually any embedded real time operating systems. Enabled with NQE, these embedded devices are able to perform full client, server, and client/server file sharing functionalities in a Microsoft Windows networking environment. File sharing enables multiple devices to remotely browse each other's shared folders and to read, write, edit, copy and delete each other's files... all operations being done without the need to transfer files to the device's local disk or memory.

NQE™ products are a must for all Networked Embedded Systems, ranging from consumer devices, industrial automation, automotive, aerospace & defense, medical, and many more market areas. NQE enabled products can be easily plugged into the network and requires none of today's installation procedures, which in most cases people simply don't want to even try.

Getting NQE off the shelf will allow manufacturers to save time and money on expensive R&D, enabling them to center efforts on their core technology.

NQE™ is the worlds’ leading commercial embedded SMB/ CIFS software product which is non GPL, has a small footprint and technically updated to meet market changes and requirements.

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