Technology Partners / Services

Linutronix GmbH is one of the leading service providers for all aspects of 'Linux in an industrial environment'.
Ranging from board support package, to the development environment and browser application, to consultation services for ongoing projects, they offer the full range of support from a single source.

Feo helps their customers to develop products. They take care of the elaboration of the idea, take care of the market readiness as well as the smooth market launch. They always consider products dynamically, flexibly and holistically. Feo accompany their customers' projects professionally.

Soluware entwickelt Lösungen im Bereich Embedded Software & Hardware Entwicklung und unterstützt namenhafte Kunden bei der Einführung und Optimierung von Softwareprozessen. Qualität, Kundennähe, Erfahrung und Kompetenz zeichnen Soluware aus!