acontis technologies Japan

Tokio, Weingarten - 22.03.2012

With an export ratio of much more than 50 percent, the international market is very decisive for the business success of the EtherCAT and real-time virtualization specialist from Germany. The company’s focused internationalization strategy in the previous years was a significant contributor to the success.

As there are many technically leading companies in Japan, we especially believe in the success of the EtherCAT technology there and thus will focus and strengthen our activities in the future.

As of March 22nd, Mr. Yasuhiro Kawabe is in charge of representing acontis technologies Japan co-ordinating all sales and support activities with our current and new EtherCAT partner companies and customers.

“It is a great honor to be given the task to establish a world class company like acontis technologies in Japan” says Mr. Yasuhiro Kawabe, who was recently in charge of the EtherCAT sales activities of Sherpa LLC in Japan where he had already built up a successful sales team.

In the first year, the focus of the team and its partner companies will be on sales, business development and customer project management as well as continue supporting the existing acontis EtherCAT and real-time virtualization customers.

Greeting from Mr. Yasuhiro Kawabe

For the last three years, I have been working to promote the popularization of the EtherCAT standards as well as to market acontis technologies Japan's products.
This year, 2012, has been set as the year of the EtherCAT and as a first step, we have established acontis technologies Japan. We are presently in the stage of trying to market EtherCAT for embedded systems as well as Windows-based and PC-based solutions in Japan. We are confident that this will help our customers in solving their solutions and at the same time help us in increasing our marketing base more than ever before.
We are presently reinforcing our sales and technical support teams in Japan so that we can provide the best solutions to you, our customer, as a result of our long experience in "gathering information from multiple technological fields" and through our "energetic activities" and "flexible services".