acontis technologies Announces Integration of EC-Master with QNX SDP 8.0

Weingarten – March 28, 2024 – acontis technologies is excited to announce the complete compatibility and support of our flagship product, EC-Master – the acontis EtherCAT MainDevice software, with the new BlackBerry® QNX® real-time operating system (OS) in the recently-released QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0. This strategic collaboration between acontis and BlackBerry QNX further solidifies our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.


acontis technologies has a longstanding history of providing comprehensive support for QNX technologies, with numerous customers relying on EC-Master for their EtherCAT® communication needs in conjunction with QNX SDP 7.1 and earlier versions. Our continued dedication to supporting new developments of the QNX platform underscores our commitment to seamless integration and exceptional performance.


The compatibility of EC-Master with QNX SDP 8.0 is a significant milestone for acontis' customers in various industries. This integration holds particular promise for the field of medical robotics, as well as for manufacturers of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs). It promises to bring improved efficiency and productivity to these industries.


Medical Robotics: In the rapidly evolving field of medical and healthcare robotics, precision and reliability are critical. The combination of EC-Master and QNX SDP 8.0 delivers ultra-low latency, scalable and high-performance real-time communication, enabling medical robot manufacturers to create more responsive, accurate, and safe robotic systems. These advancements will enable the further development of state-of-the-art surgical robots, diagnostic equipment, and patient care systems.


PLCs/PACs: For manufacturers in the industrial automation sector, EC-Master's support for QNX SDP 8.0 means faster and more dependable communication between highly scalable controllers and field devices. This enhanced connectivity paves the way for smarter factories and more efficient processes. PLCs and PACs powered by this integration can quickly handle complex automation tasks with ease, increasing overall productivity and minimizing system downtime.


Looking ahead, acontis and BlackBerry anticipate the future needs of joint customers in the medical robotics, PLCs/PACs, and industrial automation industries. Next-generation systems will benefit from even tighter integration, advanced security features, and enhanced real-time capabilities. These innovations will empower customers to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


For more information about EC-Master's support for QNX SDP 8.0, please visit or request a free software evaluation.


About acontis technologies: acontis is a leading provider of EtherCAT and Real-time communication software for a variety of industries including industrial automation, robotics, aerospace and defense, healthcare technology, machine builders, and more. Our flagship product, EC-Master, is a highly efficient EtherCAT MainDevice Stack solution that enables seamless communication and control in real-time automation systems. Acontis also offers a comprehensive suite of EtherCAT configuration and diagnostics tools and Real-time Hypervisor technology to round out their portfolio. Acontis is headquartered in Weingarten, Germany, and has been providing cutting-edge software solutions for over 20 years.

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