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We are pleased to introduce our new video series aimed at helping our customers use our EtherCAT configuration, diagnosis, and monitoring software known as EC-Engineer. We will continue to update this page with future videos, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the latest videos from acontis!

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acontis announces ISIT SAS as new distributor

EC-Engineer has been updated to a new version, V3.1, with improved handling of ESI files, and additional support for IO-Link devices

Acontis Announces Type 1 Real-time Hypervisor Virtualization Platform.

EC-Master can now be used on the Beckhoff CX9020 controller series running Linux.

acontis releases new product for simulating an EtherCAT network of slave devices.

EC-Master has been updated to a new version, V3.0, with support for Junction Redundancy with DC, Master Redundancy, Slave-to-Slave Mailbox communication, and Split-frame processing

acontis has released a new software tool for Windows that enables tunneling of third-party EoE communications through the EtherCAT Master software and onto the EtherCAT network.

acontis releases new web-based EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, with dark mode user interface.