Real-time Hypervisor V8.1: New Features

New Features Version V8.1.0.8

General V8.1.0.8

  • Installation now only includes evaluation version which will stop after 20 minutes. An additional 'protected' package has to be installed for licensing

RTOSVisor V.

  • Support of WIBU Codemeter
  • /hv/ directory reworked

LxWin V8.1.0.8

  • LxWin: Support of SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) for 64-bit Kernel
  • LxWin: Update Kernel to the version 5.15.95
  • LxWin: Update Kernel to the version 4.9.327. It is the last Linux version because Kernel 4.9 is end of life

RTOS32Win V8.1.0.8

  • Update On Time RTOS-32 version to 6.29