Real-time Virtualization

For many years acontis has been known on the market as a leading provider of solutions for real-time virtualization. These products enable customers to implement hard real-time applications on Windows. The software is also suitable for hardware consolidation tasks, where 2 or more control computers shall be consolidated on a single hardware platform. The real-time software can either be operated on a single CPU core parallel to Windows or also exclusively on one or more CPU cores. It is also possible to operate different real-time operating systems or different instances of the same real-time operating system on different CPU cores.


Windows Real-time Extension Powerful, based on standards Windows real-time extension
Windows + RTOS Windows and real-time OS on one PC
Linux + RTOS Standard-Linux and real-time OS on one PC
Hypervisor More Windows and/or Standard-Linux instances parallel with real-time OS on one PC
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