Hardware Abstraction Layer

In contrast to non real-time virtualization solutions the RTOS-VM runtime environment does not provide a virtual hardware platform.
Instead a Para-Virtualization layer, the Virtual Machine Framework (VMF) is provided.
Thus, access to timer or interrupt-controller hardware for example is done directly (non virtualized) using the appropriate VMF function calls.
Direct hardware access is the only way to achieve shortest possible latencies.
It is not required to adjust the Real-time Operating system itself to run on the RTOS-VM - the off-the-shelf RTOS can be used unmodified.
Only the RTOS Board Support Package (BSP), the board specific hardware adaptation layer of the RTOS, has to be adjusted.
BSPs for the RTOS-VM are provided out-of-the box for the following real-time Operating Systems: VxWorks, Windows CE, On Time RTOS-32, QNX, EUROS.

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