Master Funktionen gemäß ETG.1500 EtherCAT Master Classes

Funktionen gemäß ETG.1500 EtherCAT Master Classes

Die ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) hat zwei Master Klassen mit einem bestimmten Funktionsumfang im Dokument "ETG.1500 EtherCAT Master Classes" definiert:
Class A: Standard EtherCAT Master Device
Class B: Minimum EtherCAT Master Device
Zusätzliche, optionale Funktionen werden in sogenannten "Feature Packs (FP)" definiert.

Basic Features

Service Commands   Support of all commands   X  
IRQ field in datagram   Use IRQ information from Slave in datagram header   X   X  
Slaves with Device Emulation   Support Slaves with and without application controller   X   X  
EtherCAT State Machine   Support of ESM special behavior   X   X  
Error Handling  Checking of network or slave errors, e.g. Working Counter  X   X  
VLAN  Support VLAN Tagging  X   -- (*2)  
EtherCAT Frame Types  Support EtherCAT Frames  X   X  
UDP Frame Types  Support UDP Frames  -- (*1)  -- (*2) 
Multiple Instances  One control system operating multiple networks   X   X  

Process Data Exchange

Cyclic PDO  Cyclic process data exchange  X   X  
Multiple Tasks  Different cycle tasks 
Multiple update rates for PDO  
X   X  
Frame repetition  Send cyclic frames multiple times to increase immunity  -- (*1)  -- (*2) 

Network Configuration

Online scanning  Network configuration functionality included in EtherCAT Master  X   X  
Reading ENI  Network Configuration taken from ENI file  X   X  
Compare Network configuration  Compare configured and existing network configuration during boot-up 
Explicit Device identification  Identification used for Hot Connect and prevention against cable swapping 
Station Alias Addressing  Support configured station alias in slave,
i.e. enable 2nd Address and use it 
Access to EEPROM  Support routines to access EEPROM via ESC register 

Mailbox Support

Support Mailbox   Main functionality for mailbox transfer  X   X  
Mailbox Resilient Layer  Support underlying resilient layer  X   X  
Multiple Mailbox channels   
Mailbox polling  Polling Mailbox state in slaves  

CAN application layer over EtherCAT (CoE)

SDO Up/Download  Normal and expedited transfer  X   X  
Segmented Transfer  Segmented transfer  X   X  
Complete Access  Transfer the entire object (with all sub-indices) at once 
SDO Info service  Services to read object dictionary 
Emergency Message  Receive Emergency messages 
PDO in CoE  PDO services transmitted via CoE  -- (*1)  -- (*2) 

Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE)

EoE protocol  Services for tunneling Ethernet frames. includes all specified EoE services  X   X  
Virtual Switch  Virtual Switch functionality  X  
EoE Endpoint to Operation Systems  Interface to the Operation System on top of the EoE layer  FP (*1)  FP (*2) 

File access over EtherCAT (FoE)

FoE protocol   Support FoE Protocol  X   -- (*2) 
Firmware Up-/Download  Password, FileName should be given by the application  X   -- (*2) 
Boot State  Support Boot-State for Firmware Up/Download  -- (*2) 

Servodrive-Profile over EtherCAT (SoE)

SoE Services  Support SoE Services  X  

ADS over EtherCAT (AoE)

AoE Protocol  Support AoE Protocol  X   -- (*2) 

Vendor over EtherCAT (VoE)

VoE Protocol  External Connectivity supported  X   -- (*2) 

Synchronization with Distributed Clock (DC)

DC support  Support of Distributed Clock  X   -- (*2) 
Continuous Propagation Delay compensation  Continuous Calculation of the propagation delay   -- (*2)  
Sync window monitoring  Continuous monitoring of the Synchronization difference in the slaves  -- (*2)  

Slave-to-Slave Communication

via Master  Information is given in ENI file or can be part of any other network configuration. Copying of the data can be handled by master stack or master’s application. Required to support FSoE Safety slaves.  X  

Master information

Master Object Dictionary  Support of Master Object Dictionary
(ETG.5001 MDP sub profile 1100) 
FP (*1)  FP (*2) 

Feature Packs

Cable Redundancy   Stay operational in case of cable break between two slaves  FP  FP 
Hot Connect   Add or remove additional slave devices during bus communication is in progress. Newly added slaves are automatically transferred into the OPERATIONAL state.  FP  FP 
TCP-Server and Remote API   The TCP-Server together with the Remote API Library allows accessing EC-Master from a remote system   FP  FP 
EoE Endpoint   The interface allows sending and receiving Ethernet frames to/from the EtherCAT network  FP  FP 
FP: Verfügbar als Feature Pack
*1: Gemäß ETG.1500 Master Classes nicht verpflichtend für Class A
*2: Gemäß ETG.1500 Master Classes nicht verpflichtend für Class B 
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