Technology Partners / Hardware

Advantech’s industrial IoT edge control solution series combines PLC automation and PC IT technology, and integrates the functions of PLC controllers, PCs, gateways, motion control, I/O data acquisition, fieldbus protocols, machine vision, and equipment networking, all in the same control platform. This control solution is ideal for equipment motion control, machine vision, predictive maintenance, and equipment networking. Data from analysis and optimization control can be directly connected to the industrial cloud platform, and remote coordination on the network edge realizes smart production line control.

Founded in 1979 by Renzo Guerra, current President and CEO, ASEM has actively participated in the evolution of digital information technologies, continuously anticipating market changes and gaining an important heritage of expertise. ASEM is operating in the Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement and Building Automation markets, providing a complete range of industrial PCs and monitors and a complete range of HMIs, controls (PAC - Programmable Automation Controller), remote assistance and Industrial IoT gateway solutions. All ASEM systems and solutions are completely designed, engineered and manufactured internally, including electronics, firmware, software and mechanics. All production facilities are located in the headquarters in Artegna (Italy), including electronic boards assembly and welding, with automatic test procedures ensuring high quality standards. The complete mastery of hardware and software technologies makes ASEM a perfect long-term partner for machine builders and system integrators enabling ASEM to provide maximum flexibility also in the design of customized products and systems, based on customers' specific requirements.

Janz Tec AG, a medium-sized, path-forging service provider in the progressive field of the Industrial Internet of Things is your partner of choice when it comes to the very highest technological demands. For more than 35 years, Janz Tec has been developing and producing customised, connectible and secure computer ecosystems. In cooperation with leading international partners, suppliers and distributors, we design future-oriented solutions for a sophisticated industrial customer base. In cooperation with leading international partners, suppliers and distributors, we design future-oriented solutions for a sophisticated industrial customer base.

Founded in 1997, MicroControl is a flexible, owner-managed, mid-sized company which has earned a worldwide reputation for its innovative solutions in the acqusition of measurement data via CAN bus. Decentralized acquisition of analogue signals obtained from pressure and temperature measurements and their conversion into digitized CAN or Ethernet capable data - MicroControl solutions excel in precision, reliability and quality.

PHYTEC develops and produces microprocessor-based solutions for the global, industrial embedded market at its headquarters in Mainz. Their range of products and services includes System on Modules, Single Board Computers and custom products as well as housing design and assembly for turnkey solutions. PHYTEC also offers solutions for Internet of Things and Embedded Imaging as well as hardware specific software.

SolidRun provides OEMs powerful application-ready compute and networking platforms based on open architecture to save time and lower infrastructure costs.

Founded in 1982, Spectra GmbH & Co. KG stands for "industrial PC for automation" as well as for "automation with industrial PC" according to the philosophy "powered by individuality". In this context, every customer request is treated individually as well as implemented with flexibility and experience, perfection and efficiency, quality and speed.

Toradex is a leading provider of robust & small form-factor Computer on Modules (COMs) using ARM based processors. The EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master from Acontis works out-of-box on various Toradex COMs for both Windows Embedded and Linux, and thus these COMs offers a ready-to-use embedded platform for building industrial devices. Apart from offering an extensive range of pin-compatible COMs, Toradex stands out in the embedded computing market with its product reliability & longevity, free premium support and transparent pricing.

For the past 15 years, Variscite has developed, designed and manufactured high-quality System on Modules, consistently setting market benchmarks in terms of reliability, performance, and price. Today Variscite is the leading ARM-based System on Module (SoM) vendor, servicing thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, targeting numerous embedded end products and applications.