General Overview

The ZbMotion is a motion library that is able to generate motion profiles for independent or synchronized axes. Easy-to-use C functions allow the user to generate command positions for their drives while using the ECMaster from acontis for communication. The library consists of the following parts:

  • A trajectory generator that can create basic profiles for positioning and velocity commands. It is able to generate jerk-limited and trapezoidal profiles and includes advanced features such as simultaneous arriving of multiple axes.

  • A CiA-402 state machine handler that is able to parse and command the power state machine of a CiA-402 slave through an external CAN or EtherCAT master.

  • Simulation commands to precalculate the profiles and the position of the profiles at specific times. This can be used to determine in advance when a certain position or velocity is reached or when a change of velocity has to be triggered.

  • CiA-402 style user units for easier unit handling.



The library consists of commands and cyclic calls that will calculate the next set-point and the next commandword for CiA-402 PDS handling. Each motion command can be executed at any time and will be processed immediately. This allows for complex movements and profiles. Position-, velocity-, torque-control and all CiA-402 cyclic modes (CSP, CSV, CST) are supported.



  • Up to 32 axes

  • Trapezoidal and jerk-limited profiles

  • Relative and absolute positioning

  • Position, velocity or torque as target value

  • Arbitrary combination and interruption of profiles

  • Simultaneous arrival of multiple axes

  • Virtual gear

  • User units

  • CiA-402 PDS handling

  • Predict when position or velocity is reached

  • Compatible with non CiA-402 drives

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