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acontis technologies is a leading provider for EtherCAT Technology, Windows real-time software and Real-Time Virtualization/Hypervisor Technology.
Our company is known for high quality products "Made in Germany". Many blue chip customers world-wide use our products.

EtherCAT® Software

Our EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master is a leading product in EtherCAT Industrial Communications. Many important companies world-wide rely on the quality and rich amount of functionality offered by EC-Master for their EtherCAT controller products. Our EtherCAT Technology Group engagement in several working groups ensures full compliance with the EtherCAT standards and inter-operability with all available EtherCAT slave devices.
Our EC-Engineer software serves as a powerful EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, which also can be integrated into customer's application.
Our real-time EtherCAT network simulation software EC-Simulator enables testing and commissioning of an EtherCAT network without real slave devices.


Windows Real-time Extension

With the Windows Real-time Extension from acontis we offer you a solution fully integrated in Windows. This enables you to meet the required characteristics of hard real-time tasks all within the familiar Microsoft development environment (Visual Studio), both for application development and debugging of real-time applications. Using Visual Studio project wizards, real-time applications can be created in the same way as for regular Windows application, and debugging the real-time applications is also done in the same way as debugging normal Windows applications. The acontis real-time extension for Windows is installed easily and without any special adaptations to Windows.


Real-time Hypervisor Software

The hypervisor is responsible for controlling the running operating systems and allocating the required hardware components. In order to implement a real-time operating system (RTOS) in a virtualization environment, the hypervisor must support hardware partitioning. The hardware itself is divided into several partitions - usually one partition dedicated to non-real-time applications and one or more partitions dedicated to real-time applications. This guarantees hardware prioritization and thus enables the possibility for achieving hard Real-time by design. Another important requirement of the hypervisor is not to cause any additional latencies. A hypervisor that can meet these requirements is called a real-time hypervisor. Legacy implementations with two separate hardware controllers can thus be consolidated onto a single piece of hardware using hardware partitioning and a real-time hypervisor.



2024 European EtherCAT Plug Fest
June 18 - June 19, 2024

Christoph Widmann was featured in an interview during the Beckhoff Live + Interactive coverage at the SPS 2023 show in Nuremberg, Germany.

Alongside Martin Rostan from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), they discuss the development and evolution of EtherCAT Technology and the ETG over the last two decades.

2024/04/22 - 2024/04/26
Hall 9 Stand D18
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