EtherCAT® - Real-time/Multicore/Hypervisor - Services

acontis technologies is a leading provider for EtherCAT Technology, Windows real-time software and Real-Time Virtualization/Hypervisor Technology.
Our company is known for high quality products "Made in Germany". Many blue chip customers world-wide use our products.


Our EtherCAT Master Stack EC-Master is a leading product in EtherCAT Industrial Communications. Many important companies world-wide rely on the quality and rich amount of functionality. Our ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) engagement in several working groups ensures full compliance with the EtherCAT standards and inter-operability with all available EtherCAT slave devices. The EC-Engineer serves as a powerful EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, which also can be integrated into customer's application.


Hypervisor: RT-Linux + Windows

Using the LxWin Hypervisor it is possible to run Windows and a hard real-time Linux in parallel. Plenty of Linux drivers, e.g. for fieldbus controllers or GigE camera systems, communication stacks (EtherCAT, Profinet, OPC, OPC UA, TSN, ...) or complex software solutions like CNC controller or software PLCs can be used without any change under LxWin.

Customers looking for a Windows real-time extension also get great benefit from using LxWin. The hard real-time performance together with a seamless Microsoft Visual Studio integration  makes it a perfect platform for such use cases as well.



TSN is well known as the future technical base for real-time, deterministic, resilient and congestion-free Ethernet. TSN provides determinism on hardware layer, but software will still introduce latencies. The acontis TSN stack provides a hard real-time solution for various platforms which overcome the limitations of the standard TCP/IP stack of the underlying operating system.



LxWin has been updated to a new version, V6.2.5, with support for Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP), and various performance enhancements to the Linux kernel.

acontis has released a new software tool for Windows that enables tunneling of third-party EoE communications through the EtherCAT Master software and onto the EtherCAT network.

acontis releases new web-based EtherCAT configuration and diagnosis tool, with dark mode user interface.

acontis announces new OPC UA TSN software evaluation kit available

acontis adds support for Linux to its world class Windows Real-time Hypervisor Solution