EC-Inspector V3: New Features

CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) monitoring

Starting with EC-Inspector V3.7.3 it is possible to monitor the CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) transfers from the EtherCAT network. Both CoE uploads and CoE downloads are recognized. In addition, EC-Inspector now also supports ESI files that make it possible to display the object descriptions of the transferred data. If the slave has the Object Dictionary embedded in the ESI file, then all known values are displayed on the CoE tab of the slave in the Device Editor window.

For slaves that do not have the Object Dictionary embedded in the ESI file, or for objects that are not contained within this offline Object Dictionary, all CoE transfers are also logged in EC-Inspector. This ensures that all written values are available to the user. The CoE Windows will only display the current value, but with the logging feature it is possible to see the complete history of values. This history can be useful, especially in the case of a drive, where every value for the Control Word (0x6040) and Status Word (0x6041) is logged enabling a fast diagnosis of possible problems.

EC-Inspector now also includes a single object view to read objects. This is especially useful for slaves without an offline Object Dictionary.