Linux Real-time Virtualization (Linux + RTOS) for x86 CPUs

Based on the acontis Type 1 or Type 2 real-time Hypervisor solutions, customers can consolidate heterogenous hardware environments that are using Linux in conjunction with a Real-time operating system.

Using the existing, industry proven acontis RTOS Virtual Machine real-time virtualization technology, multiple hard real-time operating systems (VxWorks, On Time RTOS-32, etc.).
Alternatively, a real-time Linux container can run in native speed in parallel to a standard Linux installation.

RTOS Virtual Machine Hypervisor

The RTOS Virtual Machine hypervisor technology provides an independent layer to run any RTOS as well as Real-time Linux in native speed. No virtualization overhead is introduced and all RTOS drivers as well the operating systems and applications have direct and fast hardware access. The same technology is successfully used by customers all over the world since more than 10 years in the existing acontis real-time solution. The new solution for Linux can utilize this technology without modification on the real-time part, existing customer applications can be re-used without modification. Also, customers can use the same real-time application in conjunction with Windows instead of Linux.

Key technical features

  • Out of the box support for the following RTOS
    • VxWorks® RTOS
    • On Time RTOS-32
    • Real-time Linux
  • RTOS containers including applications run on bare metal core with no virtualization overhead and direct hardware access
  • Separated and independent Linux and RTOS operation
  • Utilize any number of CPU cores for the RTOS
  • Virtual Network between Linux and the RTOS
  • Inter-OS Communication: Shared Memory, Events, Interlocked data access, Pipes, Message Queues and Real-time sockets for high speed application level communication
  • Linux fileserver for RTOS hard disk access


  • Fast real-time interrupt handling and short thread latencies
  • Direct hardware access with no virtualization overhead
  • Compatible with the existing acontis Windows real-time extension (applications can be shared or cross-migrated between both solutions)
  • Can be enhanced for any other RTOS, Proprietary Roll-your-own as well as bare metal


  • Integration of existing RTOS applications into a Linux environment without additional hardware costs
  • Use the same RTOS application on an embedded system, e.g. on ARM architecture

Typical applications

  • PC-based Automation (PLC, Motion-Control, Controllers)
  • Realtime measurement and data acquisition
  • Extend an existing RTOS application by adding Linux features on the same PC
  • RTOS Prototyping: Develop and test RTOS Software on a regular PC with full hardware access


LxWin Real-time Hypervisor: Windows Real-time Linux