LxWin/EC-Win/RTOS32Win/VxWin/CeWin Update V7.1

acontis technologies has recently updated its Windows real-time extension and hypervisor products to version V7.1.
This version includes a variety of enhancements:

  • Support for Windows 10 20H2
  • WIBU CodeMeter runtime updated to 7.10a.
  • TimeStamp default-source changed from HPET to TSC which leads to lower latencies.
  • More CPUs (though not officially listed by Intel) will now benefit from Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) and Memory Bandwidth Allocation (MBA)
  • Support for CAT CDP (Code and Data Prioritization). Using CDP it is possible to configure Code and Data Cache separately. This may be useful to avoid critical code to be pushed out of the Cache in case big data areas are accessed.
  • RTOS32Win and EC-Win(RTOS-32) now support On Time RTOS-32 version 6.20
  • VxWin support for VxWorks 7 SR 620 and SR 630

LxWin 64 Bit

The new V7.1 of LxWin now also supports 64 Bit real-time Linux kernels in addition to traditional 32 Bit real-time Linux kernels.
Also in Version 7.1 the Linux kernel was updated to version 4.9.240.