RTOS32Win Real-time Hypervisor: Windows + On Time RTOS-32

On Time Informatik's embedded operating system is especially optimized for x86 CPUs, meets hard real-time requirements and implements a Windows subset kernel.
It is one of the fastest real-time operating systems on the market running on x86 CPUs. Scheduler performance information can be found here.
On Time RTOS-32 can be fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio and supports more than 290 Win32 API functions. more...

Using the RTOS32Win solution, it is possible to run Windows and On Time RTOS-32 in parallel. Existing drivers or applications can be used without change under RTOS32Win.
In case customer's current solution is split into 2 different parts using a Windows based GUI system and an On Time RTOS-32 based controller, RTOS32Win is the way to consolidate such solution on one single hardware.


Most important features at a glance

  • Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)
  • Ultra high speed response time within microseconds and full independence from Windows, if Windows crashes, the real-time part continues to work!
  • Optimized utilization of multi core systems (scalable from one to multiple CPU cores for the real-time part)
  • Default use case on quad core systems: Windows runs on Core 1, 2 and 3, On Time RTOS-32 runs on Core 4
  • Drivers and software available for On Time RTOS-32 can be used, e.g. network controller, EtherCAT, CAN, TCP/IP, USB, ...
  • Win32 compatible API (Win32 threads, Events, WinSock API,...)
  • Support of the Microsoft Development Tools (Visual Studio)
  • Very comfortable Debugging environment for the real-time part using the Microsoft tools, real-time applications will be developed and debugged just like a normal Windows application

RTOS32Win: based on acontis Type 2 Hypervisor technology

  • RTOS-VM Hypervisor: Type 2 Hypervisor using Windows as the Hypervisor Host operating system
  • high-resolution sub-millisecond timer
  • On Time RTOS-32 may run exclusively on a dedicated CPU core on multi core systems
  • Operation mode examples:
    • Single-Core CPU: On Time RTOS-32 runs in parallel to Windows.
    • Dual-Core CPU: Windows runs on the first Core, On Time RTOS-32 on the second Core.
    • Quad-Core CPU: Windows runs on the first and second Core, On Time RTOS-32 runs on the third and fourth Core (SMP operation mode).
  • To execute On Time RTOS-32 under RTOS32Win, On Time RTOS-32 components RTTarget-32 and RTVmf-32 are always required. Most applications will also use RTKernel-32 and optionally the TCP/IP stack RTIP-32. Components RTFiles-32 and RTUSB-32 are also supported.
  • On Time Informatik is providing the RTVmf-32 component, the interface for the RTOS-VM Hypervisor.
  • The RTOS Library shipped with RTOS32Win provides communication services for On Time RTOS-32 and Windows (e.g. Shared Memory Services, Events to exchange messages and synchronized access on data in the Shared Memory, Message Queues or Pipes).
  • The On Time RTOS-32 binary image, stored on the hard disk, will be started and stopped by the RTOS Uploader Tool.

Advantages using RTOS32Win

Hardware Consolidation

  • Save a second controller system or intelligent plug-in card
  • Increase the MTBF (mean time between failure) as less hardware components are used
  • More compact controllers can be built

Software Consolidation

  • Fast learning curve, Windows like development environment and Win32 API
  • Programming the real-time application, communication protocols and GUI with one development environment and the same software paradigms
  • Reuse existing On Time RTOS-32 software
  • No Windows Kernel Driver has to be developed

Typical applications

  • PC-based Automation (PLC, Motion-Control, Controllers)
  • Realtime measurement and data acquisition
  • Extend an existing RTOS-32 application by adding the Windows features on the same PC
  • Consolidate existing dual PC use cases

More information

Data sheets and evaluation versions are available in the download area.