On Time RTOS-32

On Time Informatik's embedded operating system is especially optimized for x86 CPUs, meets hard real-time requirements and implements a Windows subset kernel.
It is one of the fastest real-time operating systems on the market running on x86 CPUs. Scheduler performance information can be found here.
On Time RTOS-32 can be fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio and supports about 290 Win32 API functions. more...

RTOS32Win: compact Win32 real-time platform

Since January 2009 this compact and ultra-fast Windows real-time platform is available.
It is based on the On Time RTOS-32 real-time operating system.
Except when using some real-time specific functions, the well known Win32 API can be used for programming the real-time part.
The Microsoft development tools (Visual Studio) are used for development and debugging the real-time software.

Most important features at a glance

  • Available for Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)
  • Ultra high speed response time within microseconds and full independence from Windows, if Windows crashes, the real-time part continues to work!
  • Optimized utilization of multi core systems (scalable from one to multiple CPU cores for the real-time part)
  • Default use case on dual core systems: Windows XP (Windows 7) runs on Core 1, On Time RTOS-32 runs on Core 2
  • Drivers and software available for On Time RTOS-32 can be used, e.g. network controller, EtherCAT, CAN, TCP/IP, USB, ...
  • Win32 compatible API (Win32 threads, Events, WinSock API,...)
  • Support of the Microsoft Development Tools (Visual Studio)
  • Very comfortable Debugging environment for the real-time part using the Microsoft tools, real-time applications will be developed and debugged just like a normal Windows application

RTOS32Win: based on new Hypervisor technology

  • RTOS-VM Hypervisor: Type 2 Hypervisor using Windows als the Hypervisor Host operating system
  • Same technology for all acontis real-time products: robust and broadly used. The hypervisor is also used in the new KUKA robot control system!
  • high-resolution sub-millisecond timer
  • On Time RTOS-32 may run exclusively on a second CPU core on dual core systems
  • Interrupt latencies below 5 usec can be achieved!
  • Single-Core CPU: On Time RTOS-32 runs in parallel to Windows.
  • Dual-Core CPU: Windows runs on the first Core, On Time RTOS-32 on the second Core.
  • Quad-Core CPU: Windows runs on the first and second Core, On Time RTOS-32 runs on the third and fourth Core (SMP operation mode).
  • To execute On Time RTOS-32 under AT-RTOS32Win, On Time RTOS-32 components RTTarget-32 and RTVmf-32 are always required. Most applications will also use RTKernel-32 and the TCP/IP stack RTIP-32. Components RTFiles-32 and RTUSB-32 are also supported.
  • On Time Informatik is providing the RTVmf-32 component, the interface for the RTOS-VM Hypervisor.
  • The RTOS Context.Scope.Library provides communication services for On Time RTOS-32 and Windows (e.g. Shared Memory Services, Events to exchange messages and synchronized access on data in the Shared Memory).
  • The On Time RTOS-32 binary image, stored on the hard disk, will be started and stopped by the RTOS Uploader Tool.

Advantages using RTOS32Win

Hardware Consolidation

  • Save a second controller system or intelligent plug-in card
  • Increase the MTBF (mean time between failure) as less hardware components are used
  • More compact controllers can be built

Software Consolidation

  • Fast learning curve,, Windows like development environment and Win32 API
  • Programming the real-time application, communication protocols and GUI with one development environment and the same software paradigms
  • Reuse existing On Time RTOS-32 software
  • No Windows Kernel Driver has to be developed

Typical applications

  • PC-based Automation (PLC, Motion-Control, Controllers)
  • Realtime measurement and data acquisition
  • Extend an existing RTOS-32 application by adding the Windows XP/7 features on the same PC

Long term support

RTOS32Win is based on the RTOS-VM hypervisor technology. KUKA, a leading Industrial Robot Company (http://www.kuka.com) decided to use this hypervisor as a key component in their robot control. The usage of the KUKA real-time technology in more than 100.000 robot controller systems world wide assures long term support. 1996: world's first robot controller using a Windows real-time platform on single core CPUs. 2010: new robot controller based on the RTOS-VM hypervisor technology on multi core CPUs.

RTOS32Win Screen Shot

  • On Time RTOS-32 Debug Monitor was started.
  • On Time RTOS-32 messages will be shown in the RTOS-VM Debug Console.
  • The Virtual Network Adapter is used as debug interface for On Time RTOS-32.
  • Intel PRO/100 Network Adapter is directly controlled by On Time RTOS-32.
  • 3COM Network Adapter is directly controlled by On Time RTOS-32.
  • COM1 Port is also directly controlled by On Time RTOS-32


More information

Data sheets and evaluation versions are available in the download area.