rApp Remote App Platform for Smart Device Integration

Remote App Platform (rApp)

A new Way to interoperate Embedded IoT Systems with Smart Devices

Using Smart Devices like tablets and smartphones to operate, control, diagnose, configure embedded systems is one of today’s megatrends - they are becoming the “Things” in the “Internet of Things”.

Smart Device Support: Challenges for Embedded Systems Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of embedded systems are facing challenges to develop and distribute software for smart devices, the so called apps. Today, two common approaches exist, the so called “Fat and Thin Client” principles. Fat Client apps are native apps running on the smart device, communicating with the counterpart software on the embedded system. Applying the Thin Client approach, some kind of a web server runs on the embedded system and a web browser is executed on the smart device. These two approaches have severe disadvantages and burden a lot of additional work on the OEM.

The new and patent pending approach of “Remote Apps” allows the OEM to overcome these disadvantages by combining the best of both worlds: The OEM can develop the Smart Devices Apps within the environment he is familiar with: On his Embedded system!

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