Virtual Machine Framework API

Virtual Machine Framework API

1.) VMF “Middleware”

Communication between the OS 

Virtual Network

  • VMF provides network packet API to encapsulate network memory access
  • All TCP/UDP/IP based protocols are supported
  • RTOS has access to the Hypervisor Host OS file system via CIFS, NFS, FTP

Direct Shared Memory

  • Access to User Shared Memory using pointers from the application levels of the OSes with event signaling

2.) Basic and Enhanced VMF API

  • Standard Shared Memory API (get pointer to SHM data)
  • Interlocked (atomic) Data Access API (to synchronize SHM data access)
  • Event API (named events)
  • Multi Purpose Shared Memory Areas (e.g. to handle persistent data storage or RAM disk file systems)
  • Configuration API (access to *.config files), e.g. to read IP address for network configuration or application configuration data
  • Message Box API (e.g. to signal fatal error situations)
  • Notification handling API (Blue Screen, RTOS Stop, Hibernate/Suspend/Resume)
  • Timer adjustment API (Used to synchronize the RTOS Timers with distributed systems,
  • like IEEE1588 or EtherCAT Distributed Clocks)
  • High Performance Event Timer (HPET) API (Required on SMP systems as global time base)
  • Clock (date and time) Synchronization API (Date and time on all OSes are synchronized (useful to compare trace logs))
  • CPU utilization measurement API (even on exclusive core) (e.g. to determine maximum time the RTOS was not idle)
  • Virtual Serial Channel API (read/write data), typically used for RTOS debug console

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