Technology Partners / Software

Since 1998 AXEL was involved in the production and implementation of embedded software for the industrial automation.
AXEL's experience has increased more and more and thanks to its deep knowledge, AXEL can give to its customers' products the added value which is nowadays represented by software components.

Energid Technologies provides Actin, the industry’s premier commercial robotics software development kit (SDK). This includes robot modelling, online motion control, motion planning/tasking, and simulation. Actin is ideally suited for companies developing robotic systems that have any number of degrees of freedom or axes, which may use multiple arms or manipulators, use external axes, use custom robots, or require integrating the motion with various types of sensors. Energid was founded in 2001 and provides the leading highly sophisticated motion control to medical, agricultural, consumer, industrial, collaborative, and commercial robot systems.

Neuron Automation, a manufacturer independent software house in Austria and Germany, develops innovative engineering-software and platforms for the automation technology for 30 years. Customized PLC solutions according to the standard IEC 61131-3 are realized efficiently – from microcontrollers to multicore industry PCs. The new product highlight is the development platform logi.CAD 3 which is based on Eclipse. The focus is on efficient and effective programming from PLCs in teams according to IEC 61131-3. The most essential innovation is the possibility to reuse prepared part solutions from previous projects and the know-how in follow-up projects. Due to this the development times can be reduced considerably.