VxWin Real-time Hypervisor: Windows + VxWorks

VxWorks from Windriver is one of the leading real-time operating systems in the world. In many industrial solutions you will find a VxWorks system that handles the real-time tasks combined with a Windows-PC for visualization, database programming and/or ERP connection.

Available since 1995 VxWin provides the possibility to run VxWorks together with Windows on the same PC where it keeps its full real-time capabilities.

These are the benefits of VxWin

Hardware Consolidation

  • No need of separate control hardware or intelligent co-processor boards, respectively
  • Fewer components mean fewer hardware failures
  • Design compact controls and reduce the space requirement and the weight of your system

Software Consolidation

  • Known development tools (Visual Studio, Wind River Workbench)
  • Re-usage of existing Windows or VxWorks software and Know-How is possible


  • Integration of VxWorks applications into a Windows based environment without additional hardware costs.
  • Use the same VxWorks application in an embedded system, e.g. with ARM architecture.

Typical Applications

  • PC based automation (PLC, motion control)
  • Real-time measurements and data recording
  • If you already use VxWorks, include all features of Windows to your application, on a single hardware !
  • Programming of fast control algorithms
  • VxWorks prototyping: Develop and test your VxWorks software before your target is available. Simply on your Windows development host computer !


  • Hardware and real-time programming on Windows 7, 8 or 10 using the powerful VxWorks operating system: -- multitasking, intertask communication -- Connectivity: TCP/IP (Winsock) -- programming languages: C, C++
  • Guaranteed response time within microseconds
  • High resolution real-time timer, granularity < 100 nanoseconds.
  • Hardware access to ISA and PCI/PCIe plug in boards.
  • Communication between Windows and VxWorks via TCP/IP (virtual network).
  • VxWorks continues working after Windows Blue Screen
  • A great variety of software and drivers for VxWorks are available on the market, e.g. OPC server, drivers for field bus and measurement hardware, and so on...
  • Powerful, graphical real-time analysis tools
  • Comprehensive documentation

How to work with VxWin?

Use the WindRiver Workbench development environment, not only to edit/compile but also to debug your VxWorks applications. Develop and test your software alternatively on the same PC or remote. Start and stop VxWorks simply after booting Windows by using the Uploader Tool. Communication between Windows and VxWorks via TCP/IP over a virtual network connection.

More information about VxWin

Data sheets and evaluation versions are available in the download area.

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