Our History


Founded by Stefan Zintgraf and Christoph Widmann in Weingarten.

Offering software development services with a focus on Embedded Systems and Real-time operating systems.


Hiring of the first employees.

Development of the software CeWin.


Market launch of CeWin: Windows Real-time extension (type 2 hypervisor) with Windows CE operating system.


Membership in the EtherCAT® Technology Group.


Start of EtherCAT® Master development and presentation at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg.


Market launch of EC-Master: EtherCAT® Master Stack for embedded systems.

Delivery of the software to the first customers in Germany, including KUKA Roboter.


Redesign of the previous hypervisor architecture: RTOS Virtual Machine and Virtual Machine Framework. The new technology then became part of the next generation of all KUKA robots. Windows for the graphical user interface and the VxWorks Real-time operating system for controlling the motors are run on a single PC-based controller.


Establishment of sales partners in Japan and South Korea.


Proof of concept development RTOSVisor: Type 1 real-time hypervisor based on the new hypervisor architecture.

Market launch of EC-Lyser: Windows application for diagnosing EtherCAT® networks


Establishment of a sales partner for the USA and Canada.

Development activities on the RTOSVisor put on hold, since the software technologies used and the hardware-based virtualization support were not sufficient at the time.


Market launch of EC-Win: Windows EtherCAT® Real-time solution.

Market launch of EC-Engineer: EtherCAT® configuration tool for Windows.


Website in Japanese and Chinese languages.


Establishment of a sales partner for China.

The continuous growth requires the first relocation to larger office space.


Market launch of EC-EAP: Software stack for the EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP).


Start of TSN activities. Membership in the Labs Network Industry 4.0 (TSN Plugfest).


Relocation to the new and fully air-conditioned offices in Ravensburg on Gartenstrasse.

Launch of LxWin: Real-time hypervisor for the parallel operation of Windows and real-time Linux.


Founding of the first foreign subsidiary in the United States.

Establishment of a sales partner for Italy.

Further development of the RTOSVisor with support for the latest virtualization technologies and support for PCI and graphics pass-through.

Market launch of EC-Engineer Web: EtherCAT® configuration tool for Linux and Windows.


New sales partner for France.

Launch of RTOSVisor: Hypervisor software for PCs to run multiple Real-time operating systems and standard operating systems.

Market launch of the EC Simulator: Real-time EtherCAT® network simulation.


Market launch of EC-Inspector: Windows application for troubleshooting of EtherCAT® networks.

Market launch of EC-Monitor: Software library for monitoring and logging of EtherCAT® networks.

Maxburg Capital Partner becomes a shareholder.


Partnership with Intel (Intel Gold Member).

Establishment of a sales partner for Australia and New Zealand.


Relocation to the new offices in Weingarten on Franz-Beer-Straße.